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The EUSAM is going to organise shows for all kind of horses and for all kind of breeds

maximum height is 42".

All shows are European related shows with the rulebook as guide

Schedule of the shows, look here: SHOWS

In every show we have classes for:

  • NON AMHA horses

  • AMHA horses

  • AMHR horses

  • ASPC horses

  • EBBO  (European Bred, Born & Owned)

  • OPEN classes  (all kind of breeds)


Every type of class has his own GRAND & RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION



The classes we can offer for the halter classes are: ( for classes, see: shows


                       Weanling mares; weanling stallions up to 32"

                       Yearling mares; yearling stallions (three height divisions) up to 34"                                 

                       Two year old mares; two year old stallions (three height divisions) up to 36"                          

                       Three year and older mares; three year and older stallions (four height divisions) up to 42"   



The classes we can offer for the performance classes are:    

  • Country pleasure driving

  • Single pleasure driving

  • Classic pleasure driving

  • Roadster driving

  • Reinmanship

  • Multiple hitche

  • President's touch of class

  • Obstacle driving

  • Versatility

  • Allround class

  • Long line obstacle

  • Hunter

  • Jumping

  • Halter obstacle

  • Liberty

  • Costume class

  • Solid colour 

  • Multi colour

  • Showmanship 

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