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Why a studbook?

We can mention some very important reasons for this item:

  1. a studbook gives an insight of that particular horse race

  2. a studbook checked the horses registered in that book

  3. a studbook prevent proliferation of horses in this race

  4. a studbook gives advises both directly and indirectly

    1. directly by answering questions

    2. indirectly through a register to be kept and with a judgement of the registered horses.

  5. a studbook organizes inspections and thus an assessment issued

    1. This gives you an insight in terms of quality horses tested

    2. This shows you how the place of your horse in a breeding program

    3. This gives you a quality guarantee issued by a placing or ranking

    4. a first or second bonus given to your horse is a value for the future.



Why the Eusam as your Studbook?

  1. the  Eusam registered only American Miniature horses in Europe

  2. because there is so little control over the American Miniature Horse breed in Europe it is very important that this horse has its own studbook which is judged by the standards set for this race.

  3. the American Miniature horses in these tests stay only with her own race horses in the ring and are therefore not be compared or measured against horses of other breeds.           

  4. that means that your American Miniature Horse will be judged as an American Miniature Horse and not like a Welsh, Shetland etc.

  5. therefore  the specific characteristics of this breed will be judged

  6. at this way the American Miniature horse just gives better and better breeding results.


What the Eusam can signify for you?

  1. the Eusam is organising inspections for mares and stallions

  2. at these additional tests your horse will be evaluated , but not the same way they do in a regular show, actually you can say:  “your horse will be judged more substantially ”

  3. the Eusam takes care for the passports for your horses

  4. the Eusam helps you and gives you advices

  5. to be part of the Eusam is a guarantee for the value of your horse

  6. the Eusam is going to organise in several countries her licence tests for the horses

  7. the Eusam will be THE STUDBOOK for the American Miniature horses in Europe, so take care to be part of this excellent studbook !!!

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