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Horse Registration  &  Show division



At the present time, we have more than 800 registered American Miniature Horses at the European Studbook American Miniature horses. Since October 2017 the RVO had seintence to register the AMHR horses as well. 

To make a listing of all registered horses is a future goal for us, however we do have a listing of all 'Stallions at stud". 


When you have an EUSAM registered stallion, you have the option to publish a recent photograph of your stallion, including information of availability for stud. Send this information to the EUSAM Make sure you include full name of the stallion, a recent photo, your name and your website or domain name.

The information of the stallions at stud will be listed in alphabetical order. The name of your stallion will be a hyperlink to your website where you can list all additional information about your stallion. Please be aware: we will check your website regularly to ensure that all information is still correct and relevant. 

If given information is not correct or up to date, the hyperlink will be removed without notice!

Therefore it is important to keep website information complete and up-to-date.

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