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21 May, 2022, the Eusam organizes its annual inspection for American Miniature horses.


We would like to explain to you the difference between an inspection and a show:


Show versus inspection:

In a show, the horses that appear in the same class in the ring together, will be compared with each other and placed in order from 1 up to and including ....

This placement takes place on the base of comparison.

This in fact says nothing about the quality of the horses present.


At on inspection, the horses are judged according to a linear score form on exterior and movement and placed on these results;

with a score of 80% and more the horse will be given a first premium, at a score of 65 to 80% a second premium and at a score under the 65% a third premium.

This says much more about the quality of the horses present and inspected.



At the Eusam inspection the horses are divided into:

1. Division A, up to 34 "; Division B, 34 to 38" and Division D, Partbred

2. Yearlings - two-year-olds - three years and older animals

3. Stallions and Mares


into Division A & B we only have In the inspection ring horses with AMHA and / or AMHR and / or Eusam certificate.

at Division D, we only have horses in the inspection ring from which one of the parents has AMHA or AMHR papers

These horses are judged on the basis of the Standard of Perfection as stated in AMHA and AMHR rulebook.


The perfect horse:

An inspection has so much substantive value that an inspection is highly recommended.

It gives you a good view of your horse, with both positive and negative points on the linear score form. Such an insight gives you a good basis to further develop your horse through a good breeding program.


We, the board of the EUSAM, would like to support and encourage you in this respect because a good inspection contributes to an ever-improving horse; the ultimate goal for owner, breeder and shower.


For further information, please visit our website,  or send an e-mail to


If there are questions, we gladly will help you,


Board Eusam

For Studbook subscription, your horse must have a veterinarian inspection. There is a veterinarian present, who will do the veterinarian inspection.


The costs are:


Participation for keuring, members:               € 10.00

                                 non-members:               € 30,00

Veterinary Inspection:                                     € 25.00

Studbook Recording Stallion:                         € 25.00

Studbook Recording Mare:                             € 10.00

Late Entry Fee:                                               € 30.00

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